“I have no doubt that the fact that my novel Sharkey’s Son won the Sanlam/Tafelberg Gold Award, and continues to sell extremely well, is owing to Fiona’s editing skills. She deeply impacted my plot and characterization – and unerringly pointed out the weak or boring spots.”

Gillian D’Achada, author of Sharkey’s Son, winner of the Sanlam Award for Youth Fiction, published by NB Publishers & Tafelberg Press

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Fiona V. Smith on the structural edit of Blood Brothers, Book IV of my David Hidalgo crime / thriller series. The whole experience was overwhelmingly positive, helpful and professional. Fiona was fully sympathetic to the material but also applied a due rigour to the edit. Where something was unclear, out of character, anachronistic, unexplained or simply seemed odd and needed clarification, Fiona pointed this out which forced me to make it better. Overall, the book is undoubtedly much improved from Fiona’s involvement and I would be delighted to work with her in the future.” 

Les Cowan, author of the David Hidalgo crime series published by Lion Fiction

“Fiona’s penetrating and insightful critiques and structural edits have transformed my three slightly rambling stories into publishable books. She is a friendly and encouraging person to work with, always giving praise for what’s good as well as pointing out areas for improvement.”

Steve Pillinger, author of the Mindrulers trilogy (fantasy), independently published.

“I came to Fiona with a saggy story arc, muddled characterisations and a protagonist who fell short of the mark. Fiona’s insightful critique, informed by her years of experience as an author and writing teacher, challenged me to write a better story that has resulted in an offer for a publishing contract. I am indebted to her.”

Steve Holloway, author of Pelagia, a SF thriller, published by Lion Fiction.

“Fiona provided an excellent, constructive critique on the first draft of my debut novel. Great value for a thorough, structured edit and valuable insights from an established, accomplished author and editor. Thoroughly recommended!”

Annie Doyle, author a historical family saga, Cocoa Girls – independently published.