If you have a novel underway and are looking for feedback on how well you are doing and what you need to do to progress, then this service is for you. You will receive a detailed four–six page report which will assess your strengths and weaknesses as a writer, comment on how well your book fits in with your chosen genre, assess your characters, structure and writing style, as well as giving an honest view of whether or not your writing is at the appropriate level to be published by a mainstream publisher. You will be pointed to further resources that may help you develop your writing. You can either submit an entire novel or the first 10,000 words plus an outline of the rest of the book. The value of submitting the first 10,000 words is that it is a good way of testing your book concept and writing ability (as well as getting guidance on the best way to take it forward) before you commit further time and emotional energy to a project.


Up to 90,000 words – £350

90 – 120,000 words – £400

120 – 150,000 words – £450

First 10,000 words + outline:  £120

Children’s books below 60,000 words: price to be discussed depending on length.